søndag den 20. marts 2011

In the early morning.. almost

Good morning there,

in Denmark it is 10:34 AM and I was just checking out Youtube, when I saw the newly uploaded video by John Mayer(!)

Check it out below- Mayer is really into music huh'. It's just fantastic to see them make a song in one freaking day.

Love the message as well; humans are never really satisfied with their life at the present time, except when they are in a rather unpleasent road of their lives. At that point, you will look back and see life is worth something.
So why do we forget to enjoy life?

I would say: go make a cup.. of something.. to yourself, smile and listen to the song.
Plus say ' I love you' to someone to day!

The producing of 'In repair', John Mayer
The final song 'In Repair' by John Mayer


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