onsdag den 7. december 2011

Vegetarian golden gummi bears?

Oh damn... gummi bears... yummy.
I could really eat a bowl of them right now...
Of course it should be the right ones from Haribo !!

Why the heck do they call them Gold-bears anyway? I mean it reminds me of some kind of real animal.. The golden bear living in Canada right.. don't wanna eat that - unless your a vegetarian vampire or something? They should rename them.. candy bears? jelly bears?

Oh they are just one of those things you eat without thinking about the ingredients..
I mean food colourings, flavour additives, sucker.. and urg .. gelatin. Bvarrrd... maybe I should by them halal next time. Vegetarian gummi golden bears - cute.

Drink some coke and eat some vegetarian-gummi-golden-bears on top of a mountain while watching a sunset, that is defiantly on my bucket list!
Maybe you should add it to yours as well?

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