tirsdag den 27. december 2011

Love on BBC

BBC entertainment - thank you for exciting! What an awesome channel, I don't think I have ever laughed this much because of a simple TV program.

I'm thinking of QI. Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are the soul of the program. Extremely hilarious a great way to learn some more english and train your laughing muscles. Check it out some time!

Here's a preview and the topic is: Would you undress for a polar bear?

Ahaha such a weird topic but so funny :D You can check out more of their youtube videos if you don't have the channel here.

Oh and BBC is also the producer of those aweesome nature programs/documentaries such as Planet earth. What an amazing job to have.. wow.

Awesome, awesome, awesome - and I love penguins. Simply I must try to have a job at BBC nature sometime - being out in the nature trying to capture some of those precious moments on film.

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