mandag den 19. december 2011

What is christmas spirit?

Christmas is not about christmas decorations or getting the best presents. That is not christmas spirit in my world. Christmas is well ... mainly about spending time, with people who you love. Making them happy and making yourself happy too! Christmas is about sitting down, smiling and enjoying the moment. It's about being grateful for the people around you and the love you share. I see christmas presents as a symbol for this love. We try to make each other happy by giving presents. But to be honest - it is not really the present it self, which brings happiness. It is the thought behind. That you have a person, who has been thinking of you. Thinking of your needs and what could make your life more - easy, joyful, beautiful? We enjoy each others company, while watching a beautiful christmas tree or eating a wonderful dinner. But it is not the tree or the dinner, which gives it the christmas spirit. It is the laughing, smiling group of people, who fill the room with joy and love, who brings up the right spirit.
In this case we must have - in theory christmas spirit all year then! Well, maybe christmas is just the time of the year, where you should really focus on this point and just be happy and really show it - even if it is putting your love into cooking or picking the absolute perfect present.

So it does not matter that much if the decorations or the color is not the right. Think about your family, friends - simply your loved ones - and enjoy their company for as long as you can!

Merry Christmas :)

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