søndag den 24. juni 2012


So - it's been approximately a year, since I got my MacBook Pro and it is wonderful. Simply the best thing I've e-v-e-r bought. 

Anyway - wanted to share this awesome program you can download for free (yaay!) called evernote. It's a program, which you can use to storage your notes or make new ones. 

  • uploade photos to your notes
  • take screenshots to use in notes
  • create lists 
  • record music, speeches etc. and save in evernote
  • email your notes to evernote
  • send/archive photos directly from your phone to evernote
  • make your notes public

I use it mainly for my school work - and to keep track of some crazy thoughts of mine. 

The cool thing is; your notes are saved online - so you can access them through any computer or smartphone you wish - not only mac!

Just.. log in. Very simple and easy.

The 'app' or 'program' can be downloaded from App Store

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