torsdag den 5. juli 2012

My favorite British s(G)inger.

Ed Sheeran - ever heard of him? Well you are ought to have. He is a British singer, songwriter. 21 years old - a breakthrough artist. He is absolutely awesome! Crazy and talented as hell - that's always a good combination :)

His debut album '+' was released in november 2011 - and it is beautiful. So full of spirit, heart and soul, catchy melodies and some sick lyrics. 

Also check out; Small Bump,Drunk,Lego House(staring my second favorite British ginger; Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasly - who is suppose to be a Ed Sheeran's STALKER - so funny :).

Some of the lyrics from his song; You need me I don't need you
These he sings in only 39 seconds! o.O *respeect*

'Cos it's another day,plus I keep my last name forever, keep this genre pretty basicGonna be breaking into other people's tunes when I chase itAnd replace it with the elephant in the room with a faceliftInto another rapper's shoes using new lacesI'm selling CD's from my rucksack, aiming for the papersSelling CD's from my rucksack, aiming for majorsNationwide tour with Just Jack, still had to get the bus backClean-cut kid without a razor for the moustacheI hit back when the pen hurts me,I'm still a choir boy in a Fenchurch teeI'm still the same as a year ago but more people hear me thoughAccording to the MySpace and YouTube videosI'm always doing shows if I'm not I'm in the studioTruly broke, never growing up call me RufioMelody music maker, reading all the papersThey say I'm up-and-coming like I'm f******g in an elevator
 His debut album; +

Those Brits are really talented, uh? Maybe I should just move to London. 

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