fredag den 6. juli 2012

Bucket list

So i have been gathering all of my 'must do' things - and now it has turned out to a hell of a bucket list. 

Every time I have been imagining, hearing or really wanting to do something - I have written it down. It's a reaallyy mixed up list, but it's great fun and who knows? Maybe someday I'll get the chance to make all of my dreams come true :D

Spend a new years eve at Times Square
Learn to play Debussy's 'Clair de Lune' on piano
Drink some coke and eat some vegetarian-golden-gummi-bears on top of a mountain while watching a sunset 
Go to South America
Learn to play one John Mayer song on guitar
Go see the hobbit set in new zealand + just see NZ
Go to Argentina
GO and see a John Mayer concert - wouldn't mind if it was more than one
Send an apply to a high-ranked university
Write a novel
Go to Warner Bros studios
Stay a summer in New York, Manhattan
See Alhambra Granada
See underwater museum in Cancun Mexico
Get at tatoo when you have reached your goal
Hold a baby lion
Eat a croissant at a bakery in Paris
Say 'I love you' to someone
Write a full story on Wattpad
Make a total stranger really happy
Try making a tiramisu
Learn to sing

So that's some of my sections. I started my list in December - and it has been growing slowly. I'm already on my way to complete some of the points! 

What's on your bucket list :)?

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