tirsdag den 6. december 2011

What is time.. oh and by the way Merry Christmas!


Oh well - Christmas again huh'? I wonder why it is, I am always surprised by how fast time flies, when christmas is around. I really have difficulties truly enjoying all of this christmas spirit with my mind constantly reflecting over time going in an endless circle (that made me sound like an extreme alien-time-circleoflife-nerd). Christmas-Spring-Summer-Autum-Christmas. Yeah right -the endless circle.

I think our present time system is an extremely narrow minded invention - I mean, the 'time' system invented by humans, the system being used as I look at my digital clock (22:12). Well it does not seem to work perfectly.
Firstly - you should not be able to move back in time. But in theory that is possible within the time system. Crossing the date line one way or the other will either make you go back or forward in time.
Secondly - it is a weird and narrow minded way to see the world saying the time is different all over the world. This very second is the very same second for a person in the USA even though their digital numbers will be totally different. I know. It supposed to be this way - so we human beings can  get a grib of time. When the clock is about 5:00-10:00 am... IT IS MORNING. The sun is rising - arrhg a symbol! Well it is not all around the world that is happening - !!.

Yeah I see this system works, because of the humanity's lack of thinking in bigger terms. But in theory this time system is not the optimal way to describe time. I might not be aware of the being of an entire different way of keeping track of time - maybe another time system used by the professors? Somewhere deep in my mind I believe, that at some point we will get a better time system - more suitable. A system that would name this moment the exact same as the moment at Hawaii or Jupiter. Time passes by. It is not yet proven that you can travel back in time ( except across the dateline!) and relive this moment 6-12-2011-22:25. Well that was a lot of thinking and writing.

So well enjoy the time as long as you've got it! Because time traveling has unfortunately not been invented yet (buuhhh!) so each moment will pass by never to return again. 
Take care and drink some tea folks. 

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